Dr Anne Chappel

Focused on improving quality of life through a balanced, personalised approach

Dr Anne Chappel

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Your Health is in Your Hands

Small consistent changes in our habits can work miraculous change in our health and well being. As such, Dr Chappel considers biochemical individuality and everything that impacts on it to provide an anti-inflammatory treatment approach, after comprehensive review of blood and pathology markers of ill health. Her analysis will also provide insights and strategies for ongoing management and prevention of possible future conditions.

Dr Chappel's passion is to provide personalised, individualised, integrated health care

Being healthy is more than the absence of disease. Treatment is aimed at increasing quality of life and may therefore include special attention to areas such as hormone balance, diet and nutrition, lifestyle factors and of course, early detection and prevention or minimisation of degenerative disease. It also includes maintenance of cognitive function and attention to epigenetics. In this way Dr Chappel seeks to provide a comprehensive balanced approach to enhancing well-being and providing total personalised health care.

Special Interest Areas Include:

Hormonal Balance - Pfeiffer Walsh Protocol - Menstrual Issues - Menopause - Andropause - Men's Health - Women's Health - Thyroid health - Bioidentical ("natural") Hormone therapy - Fatigue - Stress - Individualised treatment - Healthy Aging - Digestive Health - Gut Issues - Life Balance - Personalised Healthcare - Preventative Health - Personalised genetic profiling - Healthy living - Wellbeing - Nutrigenomics - Optimisation of function - Patient focused treatment - Weight Management - Weight loss - Energy loss - Bone health - Antiaging - Functional medicine - Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine

Maximising Health and Wellness for Every Individual

This involves so much more than taking a drug for the rest of one's life. We are all different and therefore we all need a personalised approach that looks at factors affecting us including family history, current issues, diet and lifestyle, stress. sleep, medications, life satisfaction, and much more.

Addressing WHY and HOW disease develops in each individual

Dr Chappel focuses on the biochemically unique aspects of each individual and then tailors a personalised intervention to restore physiological and structural balance. This includes assessment of environmental inputs as well as the genetic predispositions that influence health and disease so that health plans are focused on treating the underlying cause of the problem rather than masking the symptoms. Dr Chappel is also trained in Pfeiffer-Walsh Protocol which can be used to address a variety of mental health issues, and the Bredesen Protocol which may improve cognition and reverse cognitive decline. Dr Chappel was traditionally trained but has always been interested in nutrition and lifestyle, and has gone on to attain fellowship with the American Academy of Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine (A4M).